Hiperfrio is a company that, since 1996, has collaborated with several professionals specialized in the design, construction and assembly of large and medium-sized cold equipment using ammonia, Freon and CO2 as frigid fluids.

The perfect combination of training, experience and youth of its staff translates into constant updating of technological processes and the safety and reliability offered.

The concerns of the company are not only limited to the technical nature of the installations but also include environmental considerations: the latest technologies for preserving the environment have been adopted, particularly in the context of CFC reduction.

The experience and know-how that Hiperfrio acquired over the past two decades, in the areas of industrial refrigeration, as a refrigeration installer and equipment supplier, has allowed it to act with recognition in the most diverse industrial segments, from the area supermarkets, slaughterhouses, slaughterhouses and the food industry.


Hiperfrio aims to ensure the standards of Safety and Health in Work and Environment in all activities that it performs, positioning itself as a reference company in the fulfillment of related legal issues.

Our goal to collaborate and support the largest number of commercial areas that need to conserve their food in an efficient and profitable way, using our experienced and dedicated team.

At Hiperfrio we believe that the satisfaction and confidence of our customers are the biggest indicators of our success.


The success of the companies is done through the satisfaction of their employees and the team work with their clients.


Hiperfrio has covered a vast area of work that translates into a wide range of equipment integrated into construction and / or assembly projects:

  • Refrigeration Showcases
  • Isothermal panels
  • Isothermal doors (including sectionable and fast)
  • Controlled atmosphere chambers
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Chillers
  • Electrical installations and equipment
  • Ice Machines
  • Ice Silos
  • Remote monitoring equipment and systems (remote monitoring)
  • Refrigerated counters
  • Refrigerated retro-counters
  • Food equipment for supermarket

Hiperfrio – Refrigeração Industrial e Comercial